Lyophilizers and Freeze Dryers for Sale

Phoenix Equipment proudly provides new, reconditioned and used lyophilizersand freeze dryers for sale as well as other related lyophilization process equipment.

Lyophilizers and freeze dryers are interchangeable terms depending on the industry. They are commonly used in the biomedical and biotechnical industries as a method to preserve blood samples, vaccines, purified proteins and other biological material.

Our new and used freeze dryers and lyophilizers are typically bought and sold by the pharmaceutical, biotech, animal health (veterinary), chemical and diagnostic industries.

3 Results
3 Results

Buying & Selling Used Lyophilizers and Freeze Dryers

Used freeze dryers can cost as much as 80% less than its newer counterparts. In addition, many businesses simply don't need the higher end features incorporated in newer lyophilizer equipment so an older or used lyophilizer gets the job done.

For instance, many freeze drying companies (over 70%) who manufacture products worldwide purchase used freeze dryers for their production needs because they know they can rely on the equipment.

We carry lyophilizers and freeze dryers from the following manufacturers:

  • Hull
  • GEA Pharma Systems (LYOVAC™)
  • Virtis
  • FTS Systems
  • Stokes
  • Lybold
  • LSL Secfroid
  • and more.


The Freeze Drying Process

The primary components of freeze drying equipment include:

  • A refrigeration system
  • A vacuum system
  • A control system
  • A product manifold or chamber
  • A condenser

Freeze-drying or lyophilization is a three-step process that starts with freezing. Next, the product is placed in a vacuum chamber under low heat. The frozen water crystals evaporate from ice to water vapor in a process called sublimation. The product then goes through a secondary drying to remove any remaining water molecules. The product is then nitrogen sealed in order to prevent contamination.

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