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Phoenix Equipment is a global buyer and seller of unused, used, and reconditioned Evaporators, including Crystallizer Evaporators, Rotavap Evaporators, Tube Type-Rising Film Evaporators, and Wiped-Thin Film Evaporators.

Evaporators are used for concentrating a material or solution by separating the unwanted vapor from the solution. A heat exchanger is used to heat the process solution or material so the vapor can then be separated and removed by what is called the vapor separator. The applied heat converts the water in the solution into vapor. The vapor is removed from the rest of the solution and is condensed while the now-concentrated solution is either fed into a second evaporator or is removed. Generally the evaporator has four sections: the heating section which contains the heating medium; the concentrating and separating section removes the vapor being produced from the solution; and the condenser condenses the vapor, then the vacuum or pump provides pressure to increase the circulation. Evaporator performance is rated by Lbs per hour or Kg per hour of evaporation. The greatest increase in steam economy is achieved by reusing the vaporized solvent with what is called a Multiple Effect Evaporator. The multiple effect evaporator uses the vapor from one effect as the heating medium for another effect in which boiling takes place at a lower temperature and pressure. Another method of increasing the utilization of energy is to use a Thermo Compression evaporator, in which the vapor is compressed so that it will condense at a temperature high enough to permit its use as the heating medium in the same evaporator. This type is also called a MVR or mechanical vapor recompression.

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Phoenix Equipment buys and sells evaporators and evaporating equipment from manufacturers including APV, Artisan, Astro Metallurgical, Balfour, Blaw Knox, Buchi, Buss, Cherry-Burrell, Fritz Voltz, Gaston, GEA Niro, Groen, Gulf Machinery, Kleiser, LCI, Led Italia, Luwa-Buss, Luwa, Niro, Pfaudler, Pitton Gessner, Pope Scientific, Roben, Rossi Catelli, Swenson, WSF Industries and many more!

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