Process Equipment Liquidations

Phoenix Equipment performs the orderly liquidation of process plants and surplus process equipment. To discuss how Phoenix Equipment can help you monetize the value of your plant or equipment through a liquidation or auction please contact us.

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Wood Pellet Plant Liquidation

Phoenix Equipment is pleased to offer major process machinery from a Used 600,000 TPY wood pellet plant, which was in built 2017 in Arkansas. The offering consists of (4) individual stand-alone lines (20 tons per hour), each consisting of drying island and hammer mill loops. Available equipment from each line starts with 65 MMBTU Gas Burner; Combustion Chamber; Convectec Heater; Soot Blowers; Pre-Dryer (air heated); Hot Baghouse; Tube Dryer (oil heated); Heater Oil Loop and more.

Wood Pellet Plant Liquidation Featured Item(s):

Biofuels - Ethanol Pilot Plant Liquidation

Phoenix Equipment is recently acquired a biofuels - ethanol demonstration pilot plant and we are currently liquidating the assets. Process equipment includes: a 10,000 gallon Stainless Steel holding tank, (13) 1,500 gallon 316L Stainless Steel Vertical Tanks with Jackets, (2) 2500 Gallon Vertical tanks with jackets, 3000 gallon vertical tank with Jacket, (3) 475 gallon A&B Process Kettles, CIP Skid, 18"x 24' Distillation tower with reboiler. (2) Hurst Boilers with Deaerator and more.

Biofuels - Ethanol Pilot Plant Liquidation Featured Item(s):

Gas-to-Liquids Plant Liquidation

Phoenix Equipment has purchased for liquidation, assets of a Gas-to-Liquids Demonstration Plant – Built in 2016 – Operated for only a few months - designed to convert landfill gas (LFG) and pipeline natural gas into paraffinic naptha, diesel and was using Fischer-Tropsch conversion. Major Units & Items include: Plant # 457 - 18,500 Nm3/hr Hydrochem Syngas Refomer Plant (Hydrogen and CO); Ariel JGT-2 Reciprocating Compressor; Ariel JGJ-2 Reciprocating Compressor and much more.

Gas-to-Liquids Plant Liquidation Featured Item(s):

Biofuels/Fermentation Plant Liquidation

Complete Fermentation Plant with Real Estate for Sale. Consists of used 1.4 M gallon/year fermentation plant (demonstration plant) and pilot plant. Started in 2009, finally shut down in 2015. Originally designed to produce lignocellulosic ethanol (LCE). Feedstocks including: (1) common sugar cane, (2) purpose grown energy cane, (3) sorghum, (4) bagasse. Offering includes the following process sections: Feedstock handling, Feedstock transfer, Feedstock preparation, Hydrolysis, Liquefaction, Yeast

Biofuels/Fermentation Plant Liquidation Featured Item(s):

Twin Shell V-Blenders and Ball Mills Liquidation

Phoenix Equipment is selling through liquidation several twin shell v-blenders and ball mills from a dental products manufacturing plants – highlights include: 3 cu ft GEMCO V-blender with enclosure, 10 Cu Ft Patterson Kelley v-blender 105 #/Cu Ft, 5 Cu Ft Patterson Kelley V-blender 105#/Cu Ft, (4) GEMCO 16/8 Double Cone Lab Blender w/Agitation 125#/cu ft, 36” Mohawk Leem Pressure filter 120PSI@200F – and much more!

Twin Shell V-Blenders and Ball Mills Liquidation Featured Item(s):

More information about liquidation services

Let Phoenix help you turn your surplus process equipment into cash. Our vast database of buyers provides you with a huge audience for your equipment, yielding greater results. We help you maximize value by overseeing the liquidation, and our record of accomplishment with liquidation sales speaks for itself. With a dedicated team in place, an extensive customer base and innovative marketing strategies, Phoenix Equipment is committed to providing you with superior liquidation services.

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