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3 Ethylene Plants for Sale
Ethylene (ET) Plant - 36,000 TPY
Stock # 234
Capacity 36,000 TPY

Phoenix Equipment has this 36,000 TPY Ethylene (ET) Production plant immediately available. The plant primarily consists of thermal cracking furnaces and low temperature fractionation equipment for the production of a high purity ethylene stream that feeds the Ethylene Oxide Production Unit. The plant uses propane and recycled ethane as feedstock.

Ethylene Plant - 350,000 TPY
Stock # 402

This complete plant is designed to produce ethylene and propylene from naphtha and gas oil. The plant is still in operation. Major equipment had upgrade in recent years. For example, a new steam cracking furnace was installed in 2000 and is capable to process 40 tons/hr. New compressors and turbines were installed in 2000. Caustic soda of 15 % is used to eliminate sour gases contained in the naphtha feed. The naphtha / ethane furnace has 84% energy efficiency, naphtha / C4 furnace 84% - 90%, ethane furnace 90%, naphtha furnace 90%. Product ethylene is compressed at 17.5 tons/hr with suction pressure at 17 bar and discharge pressure of 80 – 97 bar. The compression is in 2 steps with cooling of every stage’s outlet. The unit is controlled through a "digital system of control command". The digital regulation is configured and programmed for the specific applications.

Ethylene Plant - 550 TPD
Stock # 448
Capacity 550 TPD

Used 550 TPD ethylene plant. Use 761 TPD of ethane as feedstock. Plant upgraded in 2014. Ethylene product purity 99.96 %. Byproducts: hydrogen, methane, propane and propylene. Include new spare parts and equipment.

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