Ethylene Plant - 20,000 TPY

Ethylene Plant - 20,000 TPY
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Ethylene Plant - 20,000 TPY Ethylene Plant - 20,000 TPY Ethylene Plant - 20,000 TPY
STOCK# 459
Capacity 20,000 TPY

Used 20,000 TPY Ethylene Plant built in 1965 using Lurgi and Linde process. Convert naphtha, propane or LPG into ethylene, propylene, and C4 olefins. The process comprises: pyrolysis (cracking), gas separation, drying, cooling and liquefaction, demethantion, depropanization and fractionation. Raw gases feed three screw compressors in which the necessary pressure is obtained to have circulation of gases through the plant. Caustic soda solution is used to eliminate sour gases contained in the naphtha or propane feed. The plant shut down recently due to overcapacity in local market. The plant underwent mothball procedure and all its equipment is maintained well.

Major Equipment
Naphtha / propane furnace
Primary cut column
Oil stripping column
Distillation column
Quench tower
Process water stripping column
Cracking gas compressor
Stripping column
Caustic soda washing column
Condensate stripping column
Methanation column
Hydrogen purification cold box
Methane turbo expander
Propylene conversion column


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