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2 Acetic Acid Plants for Sale
Acetic Acid / Formic Acid Recovery Plant - 4,900 TPY
Stock # 319
Capacity 4,900 TPY

The plant uses solvent based extraction process with purification via distillation (extraction, dehydration, stripping, distillation) to recover low concentrations of acetic acid and formic acid from process wastewater prior to discharge.

Acetic Acid Plant - 200,000 TPY
Stock # 342
Capacity 200,000

The 200,000 TPY Acetic Acid plant uses patented catalytic reaction to achieve world-class production of acetic acid from methanol and carbon monoxide. The process includes synthesis, purification of 3 distillation columns, catalysis preparation and recovery, flare, hydraulic-mechanical seal system and product storage / recovery section. The plant can run at 150,000 TPY – 210,000 TPY without losing efficiency. All the equipment was operated for only 15 years, now in excellent running condition. Complete technical services such as engineering design, installation, start-up and operator training will be available. Matching carbon monoxide plant is also available to purchase.

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