Acetic Acid / Formic Acid Recovery Plant - 4,900 TPY

Acetic Acid / Formic Acid Recovery Plant - 4,900 TPY

Used 4,900 TPY Formic Acid Recovery Plant. The plant uses solvent based extraction process with purification via distillation (extraction, dehydration, stripping, distillation) to recover low concentrations of acetic acid and formic acid from process wastewater prior to discharge.

Major Equipment
• Dehydrator column, packed with metal structured packing
• Acid stripper column
• Acid splitter column, packed with ceramic structured packing
• Acetic acid vaporizer
• Formic acid product storage tank
• Acetic acid product storage tank
• Reciprocating Karr extractor
• Solvent storage tank
• Mixed acid storage tank

Acetic Acid, Formic Acid

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