Hydrogen Plant - 2,550 Nm3/hr (90,000 SCFH)

Hydrogen Plant - 2,550 Nm3/hr (90,000 SCFH)
STOCK# 452
Capacity 2,550 Nm3/hr (90,000 SCFH)

Used 2,550 Nm3/hr (90,000 SCFH) HydroChem Process Hydrogen Plant built in 1980. Shut down in 2012. Produce hydrogen product at 99.99% purity at 200 psig. Its reformer originally had 20 tubes, now totally 15 tubes available. Waste heat boiler generates up to 5,000 Lbs/hr steam at 250 psig. Natural gas compressor and reformer burner are missing. Catalyst still in vessels, need to be discharged and disposed. PSA vessels replaced in 1998, switch vales installed in 2008/2009.

Major Equipment
Feed gas heater
PSA purification vessels
Waste heat boiler
Process gas cooler
Shift converter

Hydrogen 99.99%

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