Hydrogen Plant - 25,000 Nm3/hr (883,000 SCFH)

Hydrogen Plant - 25,000 Nm3/hr (883,000 SCFH)
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Hydrogen Plant - 25,000 Nm3/hr (883,000 SCFH)
STOCK# 424
Capacity 25,000 Nm3/hr (883,000 SCFH)

Used 25,000 Nm3/hr (883,000 SCFH) Hydrogen Plant built in 2007. Designed by Foster Wheeler. Hydrogen product at 99.99% purity, CO + CO2 less than 10 ppmv. Feed gas flow rate 15.8 tons/hr at 30 Bar. The gas compressor is an LMF type B254-360N3.3 electrically driven 6KV 1400KW, 3 stage piston type. Delivery rate 10,400 Nm³/hr, suction pressure 2.8 bar, discharge pressure 33 Bar, 375 rpm. Mixed gas heated to 300°C in two passes and fed to the hydrodesulphurizer reactor, which is loaded with 5 tons of CoMo catalyst, then passes through two sulphur absorber reactors which have 15.8 tons of zinc oxide catalyst in both. Reformer has 96 tubes, operates at 520°C and at 27 bar. The H2/CO rich gases exit the reformer tubes at 875°C, passing through the reformer waste heat exchanger. Plant includes a complete pressure swing absorption unit (PSA) for final hydrogen product purification.

Major Equipment
- Methane Gas Compressor
- LPG compressor
- LPG vaporizer
- Reformer
- Hydrodesulphurization Reactor
- Sulphur Absorber
- Adsorber
- Waste Heat Boiler
- Steam Drum
- Blow Down Drum
- Feed Gas Knock-Out Drum
- Tail Gas Knock-Out Drum
- Shift Converter

Hydrogen 99.99 mol%

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