HyCo (Syngas) Plant - 13,200 Nm3/hr (466,000 SCFH)

HyCo (Syngas) Plant - 13,200 Nm3/hr (466,000 SCFH)
STOCK# 405
Capacity 13,200 Nm3/hr (466,154 SCFH)

Used 13,200 Nm3/hr (466,000 SCFH) Linde process HyCo (Syngas) Plant built in 1991. Design capacity 10,000 Nm3/hr hydrogen, 3,200 Nm3/hr carbon dioxide. Turndown ratio 30%. Started in 1991, technical upgrades in 1998 and 2002, still in operation, will shut down soon. Natural gas feedstock. 42 reforming tubes, last replaced in 2010. Include pressure swing absorption (PSA) hydrogen purification system. Product purity H2 99.99%, CO 99%. Consumption: 2912 Kg/h natural gas as fuel, 1004 Kg/h natural gas feed to reforming, 23 tons/h water for syngas plant process, 271 m3/h water as cooling water. All equipment annually inspected, in excellent condition.

Major Equipment
Desulphurization reactors / vessels
Steam reformer
CO2 compressor
CO compressor
Syngas compressor
Tail gas compressor
Gas separation cold box
PSA system
TSA system
CO expansion turbine
CO2 removal system

HyCo Syngas (Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Steam)

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