Unused Air Cooled Exchanger

118481 Sq Ft Smithco Eng. Fin Fan Heat Exchanger
STOCK# 19390
Capacity 118481 Sq Ft

Unused 118481 Sq Ft Stainless Steel Air Cooled Exchanger. Manufactured by SMITHCO Engineering Inc. Model 4 F60-142-3. (8) 7' x 60' tube bundles of T304 Stainless Steel tubes. Tubes rated 1527PSIG@130F/-20F. L-tension wrapped aluminum fins. 5 rows, 1 pass. 5596 Sq Ft (bare). 118481 Sq Ft (Extended). (12) 5 HP Moore 10K Mag HD 3-blade fans with adjustable 21.5 degree pitch with 80600 acfm fans. Overall dimensions 61'6"L x 14'3"W x 12'3"H. 72,000 lbs. (4) Available.

Manufacturer Smithco Eng.
Model# 4 F60-142-3
Material T304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 118481 Sq Ft
SubCategory Fin Fan
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