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At Phoenix Equipment Corporation, we offer a wide range of affordable used, unused and reconditioned heat exchangers. Heat exchangers are critical in the process industries. Exchangers are used to heat, cool, condense, and chill fluids, and some are used to change the phase of a fluid, similar to a boiler. This can involve changing a liquid to a vapor or a vapor to a liquid.

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Buying and Selling New, Used and Reconditioned Heat Exchangers

Types of Heat Exchangers

If you are in the market for a used heat exchanger, we can help you select the option that will best suit your project. We offer exchangers from a variety of top manufacturers, including Advanced Process Systems, Ametek, Atlas Industrial, Cust-O-Fab, Inc., Doyle & Roth, and many others. Our extensive knowledge of heat exchanger features help us choose the right type of exchanger for your business:

  • Shell and tube heat exchanger. These exchangers consist of multiple tubes through which a liquid will flow. These tubes are divided into two sets: a set that contains liquid to be cooled or heated and a set that contains the liquid needed to trigger the heat exchange.
  • Fin-Fan heat exchanger. Also referred to as an air cooled heat exchanger, a fin-fan exchanger will force air over a set of coils in order to cool the process. They are generally used when a process system generates heat that needs to be removed without a local use.
  • Plate heat exchangers. These heat exchangers consist of several thin plates joined tougher, leaving a small space between each plate. They are usually maintained with a small rubber gasket, and the corners of each plate will open to allow fluid in between. The fluid then extracts heat from the plate as it passes through.
  • Spiral heat exchangers. A spiral plate heat exchanger consists of two long metal plates, both of which are rolled around a center core. They form two spiral passages to house two separate fluids. The edges are welded shut to keep the fluid confined to its own passageway.


In addition to these, we also offer block heat exchangers, scraped surface heat exchangers, and pasteurized heat exchangers, among many others.

Heat exchangers are generally classified in one of two groups:

  • Direct contact. In a direct contact exchanger, heat transfer will occur via the continuous mixing of two process streams. Cooling towers found in power plants are a good example, as a stream of hot air will be continuously mixed with cool water. The water will cool the air before it exits from the top of the tower, while the warmed water exits the bottom of the tower before recollection. The process then repeats.
  • Indirect contact. These exchangers transfer heat via a maintained separation between two process streams. Fin-fan and shell and tube exchangers are the most notable examples of indirect contact exchangers.


Brands You Can Trust

Phoenix carriers heat exchangers from the following industry leading brands:

Advanced Process Solutions, Advanced Process Systems, Alabama Heat Exchanger, Alco Products, Ametek, API Heat Transfer, API Ketema, Atlas Industrial, Bos-Hatten, Brask, Inc. – IEE, Cataract Steel Industries, Cust-O-Fab, Inc., Fabricated Products, Doyle & Roth, Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc., Energy Exchanger Company, Fabsco, Graham Engineering Answers, Henry Technologies, Hughes Anderson Heat Exchangers, Inc., Heat Transfer Equipment Company (HTE), Joseph Oat, Kennedy Tank and Manufacturing Co., Inc., Ketema, Krueger Engineering & Mfg. Co., Inc., Manning & Lewis Engineering Co, Missouri Boiler & Tank Co., Monticello, Northland Stainless, Ohmstede, Perry Products, RAS Process Equipment, Reco, Roark Enterprises, Roben, Rubicon Industries Corp., Samuel Pressure Vessel Group, Sheco (Southern Heat Exchanger Company), SPX Heat Transfer, Steeltek, Struthers Wells (TEI), Tolan, Ward Tank & Heat Exchanger, Western Supply Co., Yula.

Choose Phoenix Equipment Corporation for Your Heat Exchanger Needs

A used heat exchanger can help save time and money for any processing plant. If you need an affordable solution without the hefty price tag of a new unit, our used and refurbished heat exchangers are a great option. Our used heat exchangers offer all of the reliability and efficiency of a new exchanger at a more affordable price.

Selecting the right heat exchanger is an important decision. At Phoenix Equipment, we can help you find a heat exchanger to fit your project and budget. Contact us today to discuss our inventory and to get a quote.