Phoenix Equipment is a global buyer and seller of unused, used and reconditioned Conveyors for the mining, packaging and process industries.

Buying and Selling Unused, Used and Reconditioned Conveyors

Phoenix Equipment carries conveyors from industry leaders like ABCO, Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Powerscreen, Trio Engineered Products.

One of the most common ways to move materials around a given area is a conveyor. The most common type is the belt conveyor - which consists of a continuous belt with two pulleys at either end. The pulleys move the belt, and whatever is on it, along a series of rollers to its end. Other common types are screw conveyors (or screw feeders) which operate by having an auger rotate materials along a path, vertical conveyors (move materials up using an enclosed spiral lift).

A vast number of industries use conveyors - including pharmaceutical, chemical, food, mining, industrial and automotive.

Models include Powerscreen M60, Powerscreen M50, Powerscreen M75, ABCO TC-260, ABCO CC-270, Atlas Copco KOMP XAS 65, Trio Engineered Products TFC36X514, Trio Engineered Products TFC36X539, Trio Engineered Products TFC36X424.

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