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The coating pan is a simple unit , where batch of tablets or pellets  are placed in in an elliptical pan for the purpose of coating or coloring the tablets. The pan rotates, powered by an electric motor, to insure that the tablets are properly and equally coated. The rotational speed can vary depending on the process.

A simple coating pan consists of: 1.pan,, 3.mouting structure. The pan is usually at 40 degree angle, typically made of stainless steel with a smooth or baffled interior. One end is open (usually 24-60” dia) for loading and removing the tablets. The pan opening may also have a cover.

Major manufacturers of simple Coating Pans: Stokes, Colton, Century, Westwood

A Pharmaceutical coating Pan is used primarily for masking taste or for applying protective films.Large particles, which are not suitable for the fluid bed process (e.g. tablets, capsules and large pellets), can be coated with this process.The following are the major components of the pharmaceutical coating pan system:  1.pan,,  3.mouting structure, air blower,  5.exhaust blower with dust collector,  6.spray system Tablet coating takes place in a controlled atmosphere inside a perforated rotating drum. Angled baffles fitted into the drum and air flow inside the drum, provide means of mixing the tablet bed. As a result, the tablets are lifted and turned from the sides into the center of the drum, exposing each tablet surface to an even amount of deposited /sprayed coating.The liquid spray coating is then dried onto the tablets by heated air drawn through the tablet bed from an inlet fan. The air flow is regulated for temperature and volume to provide controlled drying and extracting rates, and at the same time, maintaining the drum pressure slightly negative relative to the room in order to provide a completely isolated process atmosphere for the operator.

Major manufacturers of Pharma Coating Pans:  Glatt, OHara, Thomas Engineering, Vector, Freund, Manesty

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