Briquette Machines for Sale

Phoenix Equipment has a large inventory of used, unused, and reconditioned Briquetters. We also have Roller Compactors and Chilsonators in stock.

4 Results
4 Results

Buying & Selling Used Briquetting Equipment and Machines

Phoenix Equipment offers a curated selection of used, unused, and reconditioned Briquetters from industry-leading manufacturers. Our inventory is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of needs, ensuring you find the right equipment for your application.

Top Manufacturers We Carry

We stock equipment from well-known brands such as:

  • Komarek Greaves
  • Puckmaster
  • CF Nielsen
  • RUF GmbH & Co
  • And more

Diverse Model Range

Our lineup includes a variety of models perfect for any application, including Komarek B and DH Models, Puckmaster Series, and Bepex MS Roll Compactors.

Applications Across Industries

Our briquetters are versatile, suitable for:

  • Biomass: Turning wood and non-wood materials into dense fuel.
  • Metal Processing: Compacting scrap metal and fines efficiently.
  • Environmental: Managing sludge and waste with dry briquettes.

Serving Multiple Industries

From chemical and mining to wood shavings processing, our equipment supports numerous sectors with efficient briquetting solutions.

Key Features

Our briquette machines boast features for top performance:

  • Hydraulic, mechanical, and spring-loaded rolls.
  • Options include double and quadruple rolls, pocketed or smooth face rolls.

Phoenix Equipment is your go-to for high-quality briquetting equipment. With a wide range of models and applications, our expert team is ready to help you choose the best equipment to enhance your operational efficiency. Discover the ideal briquetting solution for your needs today.

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