A Unique Opportunity To Acquire The Only FT (Fischer-Tropsch) Wax Plant in North America

Date Published:   01/26/2023

Phoenix Equipment presents an opportunity to acquire or invest in the only FT (Fischer-Tropsch) Wax plant in North America (Phoenix Stock#530). This entire plant or units are available to run in place in Lake Charles, LA. The facility was designed to produce high quality wax at a capacity of 1100+ barrel-per-day.

Complete GTL (Gas-To-Liquid) Plant for Operation in Place – Louisiana, USA
Units available include SMR/Syngas, Fischer Tropsch Reactors, and Wax Upgrade Plants

Gas-to-Liquids Facility – FT Wax – 1100 BPD with Property – Phoenix Plant # 530
Built in 2015, and never operated. Previous owners invested over $400 million in the plant. Originally designed to be the first commercial scale Fischer-Tropsch (“FT”) plant in North America, to convert cost advantaged and environmentally cleaner US natural gas into high quality FT waxes to address a structural supply shortage in the North American wax market (FT wax is a drop-in substitute for most applications with superior characteristics). Facility includes Syngas Plant, FT Reactors and Wax Upgrade Unit – can be operated together or available for individual operation in place. Site Highlights: 10.5 acres, easy access to highway and rail transportation. Access to natural gas pipeline and hydrogen.

The following units or process sections are available in whole or as individual stand-alone plants:

SYNGAS (HYCO) PLANT - 51,000 NM3/HR (46.5 MMSCFD) – Phoenix Plant # 542
***Unique Opportunity to Acquire Existing Large SMR and Convert to Hydrogen Plant*** 51,000 NM3/HR (46.5 MMSCFD) Steam Methane Reformer is located in Lake Charles, LA with direct access to natural gas and hydrogen pipeline. Unit is Linde-designed down-fired SMR.

FISCHER-TROPSCH REACTORS - GTL PLANT - 1000 BPD+ – Phoenix Plant # 543
Fischer Tropsch Reaction Unit -  (2) Unused Fischer-Tropsch reactors - 78,000 sq ft shell and tube exchangers with FT catalyst packed inside the tubes. Originally designed for 1170 BPD of F-T products (wax, diesel and naphtha) or 1123 BPD on an “Equivalent Diesel” basis. 

WAX UPGRADE PLANT – 1200 BPD – Phoenix Plant # 544
Wax Upgrade Plant Available with Real Estate. Built 2015, Never Used. Modular design, mostly stainless-steel components, unit consists of (2) Hydrogenation Units; (2) Short Path Distillation Units; and (1) Wipe Film Evaporator Unit. The plant was never operated, however, the expected capacity of the plant as originally designed was as follows: J100 Hard Wax: ~19,600 tpa; J75 High Melt Wax: ~2,700 tpa; J55 Mid Melt Wax: ~10,000 tpa; J40 Low Melt Wax: ~1,700 tpa; Distillate: ~200 bpd; Naphtha: ~63 bpd. 

Visit our GTL plant listing to learn more about this available site and the specific units being offered.

Stock# 530
Plant Subcategory Gas-to-Liquids Plants
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