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API Plant Liquidation Offers Savings Opportunity

Date Published:   11/22/2017

Phoenix Equipment Corporation is offering big savings on used pharmaceutical processing equipment. Phoenix’s liquidation of an active pharmaceutical ingredient pilot plant represents a significant opportunity for API companies to expand their production or inventory critical spare components.

View all of the equipment available in this API pilot plant liquidation here.


Here are some equipment highlights:


Corrosion-resistant, chemically inert, and easy to clean, these Pfaudler glass-lined and Hastelloy nickel/chromium/molybdenum alloy batch reactors guard against devastating cross-contamination in batch processing. The current liquidation includes 13 reactors in 100-, 300-, and 500-gallon capacities for maximum production flexibility.



Purification and recovery of APIs created in solution requires power centrifuges to separate the solid ingredients from their liquid media. This liquid extraction process (that leaves wet powder cakes) is accomplished quickly and efficiently with these heavy-duty centrifuges. The two 40-inch Tolhurst Hastelloy Bird Baskets on offer are powered by hard-working 40-horsepower motors. Rated at 106 pounds per cubic foot, these centrifuges operate at 1,775 rpms. Currently available, these two identical 40 " diameter Bird Basket Centrifuges can be viewed at stock number 13761 and stock number 13772.


Heat Exchangers

Vital to the heating, cooling, evaporation, and drying processes of pharmaceutical manufacturing, heat exchangers regulate the temperature of water, growth media, and other substances. Several De Dietrich heat exchangers are on offer:

  • Shell and Tube – The liquidation includes five 1-square-foot glass-shell condensers. Constructed of tantalum, versatile exchangers feature high turbulence flow large heat transfer surfaces for quickly heating and cooling gasses and liquids.



These two 60-ton Tempest low-temperature chillers use 125-horsepower compressors running a stainless steel evaporator and a carbon steel/copper condenser. These two identical chillers can be viewed at stock number 13773 and stock number 13774.


Scrubber Columns

Used to remove volatile particles and organic compounds by allowing a gas to react with a liquid, the two scrubber columns from Ceramic Coatings Co. are rated 150 PSIG @450F. These two identical scrubber columns can be viewed at stock number 13753 and stock number 13767.


Filters and Dryers

Creating a vacuum under the forming cake expedites the drying of heat-sensitive, hygroscopic powdered ingredients. As part of the liquidation Phoenix is offering a 9-shelf, 96-square-foot Stokes vacuum dryer. Capable of operating at up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the dryer’s vacuum reduces water pressure and boiling point, increasing evaporation.

Also in the liquidation, a 1-square-meter-capacity Cogeim Hastelloy nutsche filter dryer allows for self-contained filtration of impurities during the drying process. The closed-vessel system guards against harmful solvent vaporization into the working environment.


Temperature Control Skids

Pharmaceutical production often requires precise temperatures in order to accomplish homogeneous blending, chemical reactions, and other processes. Phoenix is offering three skid-mounted temperature control modules from Budzar Industries. With 5,000-gallon capacities each, these controls pump up to 88 gallons per minute to maintain temperatures between -100 and +700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Phoenix Equipment’s API pilot plant liquidation includes many more components. Click here for a full catalog of available parts. Liquidated parts allow manufacturing firms to add to their capacity without a major capital outlay. Phoenix Equipment representatives are ready to help you select the equipment – or the entire manufacturing facility – that meets your needs. Contact Us today!

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