Fischer-Tropsch Reactors - GTL Plant - 1000 BPD+
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Fischer-Tropsch Reactors - GTL Plant - 1000 BPD+

Fischer-Tropsch Reactors - GTL Plant - 1000 BPD+

Stock # 543
Capacity 1000 BPD +
Products Gas-to-Liquids


Fischer Tropsch Reaction Unit, part of Gas-to-Liquids Plant, Available to Operate in Place in Lake Charles, Louisiana. (2) Unused Fischer-Tropsch reactors - 78,000 sq ft shell and tube exchangers with FT catalyst packed inside the tubes. Originally designed for 1170 BPD of F-T products (wax, diesel and naphtha) or 1123 BPD on an “Equivalent Diesel” basis. The reactors are 11’ diameter with 32’ long tubes which are rated for 500 psig at 500 F. All of the steam-generation equipment is included for capturing the FT reaction exotherm. All of the equipment was constructed in 2015 and most of the downstream process-contact material of construction is 304L stainless steel. The Fractionation Column is 3’ diameter by 90’ tall and is constructed of 304 stainless steel. Column system is designed to distill about 13,300 lbs/hr of mixed hydrocarbon feed from a Fischer-Tropsch Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) reactor into four product streams (Wax, diesel, water, Naphtha). It is rated for 50 psig/full vacuum at 650o F. It has four packed sections with four product “take-offs” (overheads, two side-draws, and bottoms). All associated equipment is included such as the feed heater, condenser, two accumulators, and four overheads product/reflux pumps. This system was manufactured in 2015 and is almost entirely 304 stainless steel construction. System includes all available connecting piping, valves, instruments, and control devices. Unit can be purchased with real estate (Lake Charles, LA location) and SMR Syngas Plant #542 and Wax Upgrade Plant #544 for operation in place.

Major Equipment

FT Section:
FT Reactor Feed XExchanger
FT Reactors
Steam Drum
Raw wax Drum
Raw Diesel Condenser
Raw Diesel Drum
Raw Naphtha FinFan Condenser
Raw Naphtha Drum
Chilled Naphtha Condenser
Chilled Naphtha Drum
Chiller Unit
Recycled Compressor

Gas Fractionation Section:
Frac Column Feed Heater
Fractionation Column
Frac Column Condenser
Frac Column Reflux Drums (2)
Naphtha/Reflux Pumps (4)
Naphtha Storage Tanks (2)
Diesel Pumps (2)
Diesel Cooler
Diesel Storage Tanks (2)
Wax Pumps (2)
Wax Cooler
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1000 BPD +

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