Paraxylene Plant - 350,000 TPY
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Paraxylene Plant - 350,000 TPY Paraxylene Plant - 350,000 TPY Paraxylene Plant - 350,000 TPY Paraxylene Plant - 350,000 TPY
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Capacity 350,000 TPY
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Used 350,000 TPY Paraxylene Plant built in 1969. The plant uses xylene isomerisation reaction process and crystallisation separation technology. This complete plant produces high purity Paraxylene at approximately 1000 te/day. The process converts mixed xylenes into paraxylene, and recovers high purity paraxylene using crystallisation technology to separate paraxylene from the other xylene isomers (ortho and meta-xylene) and ethyl benzene. Following its shutdown the plant has undergone a full decommissioning and decontamination process.

Major Equipment

1. Isomerisation Pre-Heat Train and Reactors - Isomerisation feed tank, pumps, heaters, tops heater, steam heaters, preheaters, vaporisers, KO pots. - Isom Superheaters - Isom furnaces - Isomerisation Reactors 2. Isomerisation Tailing and Topping Stills - Tailing Still Columns, Condensers, Reflux Drums, Reboilers, Heaters, Coolers - Off Gas System 3. Crystallization Pre-Cool Train - Crystallisation Feed Tank - Freezer Feed Cooler - Heater, coolers, heat exchangers 4. Crystallisation - Slurry tanks - Scraped surface chillers - Filter system 5. Purification Section - Purification Feed Tank - Scraped Surface Chillers - Centrifugies.
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350,000 TPY

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