Melamine Plant - 15,000 TPY

Melamine Plant - 15,000 TPY

Used 15,000 TPY Melamine Plant built in 1997. The facility can yield 1 ton of Melamine by consuming Urea 3.34 tons, NH3 0.5 tons and some utility such as Electricity 525 Kwh, 44 bar Steam 12.86 tons and gas 1,800,000 Kcal. Turn-down ratio can be 50% (7,500 TPY capacity). Minimum product purity: 99.8%. The facility need an area of length 50 m x width 80 m. Technical assistance such as installation and commisioning is available. Full documentations include: all available applicable mechanical catalogues and startup and operating manuals and all available construction drawings, equipment data sheets, vendor prints, engineering drawings and specifications, including process and instrument drawings, flow sheets, process information and current operating data.

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