Spray Drying Plant - 7,800 Kg/Hr

Spray Drying Plant - 7,800 Kg/Hr

Stock # 489
Capacity 7,800 Kg/Hr
Products Dry Powder


Unused 7,800 Kg/Hr (6,000 Kg/Hr of Infant Formula) Spray Drying Plant. Anhydro Triple-A Dryer designed for dairy applications, Whole and Skim milk as well as infant formula products. The Dryer can be used for other protein applications. Equipment in seaworthy packaging ready for shipment to final destination.

Major Equipment

Feed and Atomizer System
Main Air System
Drying Chamber System including Integrated Fluid Bed
Cyclone System
Bag Filter System
Secondary Air Supply System
Fluid Bed System
Powder Treatment System
2 Fines Return Systems
Exhaust Air System
Heat Recovery System
Cleaning in Place (CIP) System
Security System
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Year Built
Year Shut
7,800 Kg/Hr

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