Cumene Plant - 400,000 TPY

Cumene Plant - 400,000 TPY

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Capacity 400,000 TPY
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Used 400,000 TPY Cumene Plant. This complete cumene plant is based on zeolite-based liquid-phase process. Cumene is made by the alkylation of benzene with propylene, which yields a mixture of alkylated and polyalkylated benzenes. Excess benzene is used so propylene reacts completely. Propylene is injected before each catalyst bed to improve catalyst selectivity and enhance its activity and stability. The mixture of alkylated and polyalkylated benzenes is sent to a distillation train that consists of a benzene column, cumene column and poly-isopropylbenzene (PIPB) column. The polyalkylated benzenes recovered in the PIPB column are transalkylated with benzene to produce additional cumene for maximum cumene yield. The alkylation and transalkylation effluents are fed to the benzene column, where the excess benzene is taken as the overhead product for recycle to the reactors.

Major Equipment

Liquid cumene / vapor hydrogen and methane separator
Reboiler columns
AMS hydrogenation reactor
Trans Alkylation reactor
Alkylation reactor
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Year Built
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400,000 TPY

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