PET Continuous Polycondensation Plant

PET Continuous Polycondensation Plant
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PET Continuous Polycondensation Plant
STOCK# 509
Capacity 180 TPD

Used PET Continuous Polycondensation Unit supplied by Zimmer of Germany immediately available for sale. The plant is designed for the continuous production of polyester (PET) starting from pure terephthalic acid (PTA) and ethylene glycol (EG). The process stages are: big bag unloading, catalyst system, delustering system, paste preparation, esterification, prepolycondensation and final polycondensation.

Major Equipment
The plant includes the following modules.
- Big bag unloading system
- Delustering system
- Catalyst system
- PTA paste preparation
- Esterification
- Prepolycondensation
- Polymer transfer
- Final polycondensation
- Vacuum system
- Polymer discharge system
- Primary HTM unit
- HTM unit

Polyester (PET) Melt (textile grade)

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