SSP and PET Yarn Plant - 5,000 TPY

SSP and PET Yarn Plant - 5,000 TPY
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SSP and PET Yarn Plant - 5,000 TPY SSP and PET Yarn Plant - 5,000 TPY SSP and PET Yarn Plant - 5,000 TPY
STOCK# 428
Capacity 5,000 TPY

Used 5,000 TPY SSP and PET Yarn Plant. Starting from undried PET chips with standard textile viscosity of iv = 0.64, the plant is designed to produce industrial yarns tpes SLS – FDY. The plant consists of the following process sections: (1) Chip Handling, Crystallization and Solida State Postpolycondensation (SSP); (2) Spinning and winding; (3) Chemical & Textile Laboratories and Balance Equipment; (4) Refrigeration and Compressed Air Plants. Bright and undried PET chips are feed to the crystallization system (30 TPD capacity) and then processed in the continuously operating SSP line, which has turn-down ratio of 1:4 (min. capacity 7.5 TPD and nominal capacity 30 TPD). The two (2) extruders have multiple zones of heating and cooling, with screw diameter of 150 mm. Each of the two (2) spinners has 4 spinning positions applying 4-end spinning and 4-end winding. Spinneret diameter is 165 mm. Each spinning head is equipped with: 2 one-fold gears for 2-stream melt metering (spinning) pumps, 2 synchronous e-motors, 2 static frequency converters for spinning pumps, 1 annealer, and 1 air quenching chamber. Draw-winding systems have 4 positions. Each position has: 2 spin finish application systems for 4-ends, 1 yarn suction system for 4-ends, 1 pretension godet with separator roll, 5 heated drawing godet, 1 pre-intermingling system, and 1 automatic Barmag winder (model # ACW 6I-1200/4). The winder is equipped with turret, 2chuks for 4 bobbins with push out system, birotor traveling system. The package size is 250 mm width and max. 390 mm diameter. The product of PET – SLS has fineness of 1100 / 192 dtex/l.

Major Equipment
- PET Crystallizer (24 m)
- SSP Reactor (19 m)
- SSP Filters (7 m & 14 m)
- Extruder (2)
- Spinner (2)
- Draw-Winding Machine
- Hacoba Pirn Winding Machine
- Balance Equipment
- Air Compressor
- Refrigerator
- Allma Saurer Twisting Machine
- Liba Knitting Machine
- Matthys Warping Machine
- Barmag Spinning Machine
- Delta Blower
- Dehumidifier
- Quenching Chambers
- Vacuum Pyrolysis Vessel

PET SLS and FDY Yarn

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