400 TPD Air Separation Unit

400 TPD Air Separation Unit
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400 TPD Air Separation Unit 400 TPD Air Separation Unit 400 TPD Air Separation Unit
STOCK# 475
Capacity 400 TPD

Used 400 TPD Air Separation Unit built in 2013 and operated for approximately 1,250 hrs. The capacity is a nitrogen gas flow rate of 775 Nm3/hr at 10.7 barg, and a liquid nitrogen flow rate of 12 Nm3/hr with 2 ppm max oxygen content; an oxygen gas flowrate of 12,463 Nm3/hr at 3.3 barg at a purity of 99.00%, and a liquid oxygen flow rate of 75 Nm3/hr at a purity of 99.00%; a liquid argon flowrate of 19.4 metric tons per day and a purity of 3 ppm max oxygen content and 10 ppm maximum nitrogen content.

Major Equipment
Main Air Compressor (Three stage)
Air Purification System (Temperature Swing Adsorbers)
Air Booster Compressor System
Heat Exchanger System
Compander System
Distillation Column System
Oxygen Product Delivery System
Nitrogen Product Delivery System
Liquid Argon Product System (100 ton storage tank)
Disposal Vaporizer System
Analyser System
Control System
Analyser House
DCS Marshalling Room
Control room
Cooling Tower with associated water treatment/dosing system
Backup Oxygen Storage Tanks with LOX Vaporizer (two 400 ton storage tanks)
Backup Nitrogen Storage Tank with LIN Vaporizer (two 40 ton storage tanks)

Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon

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