Air Separation Unit - 225 MTPD

Air Separation Unit - 225 MTPD
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Air Separation Unit - 225 MTPD Air Separation Unit - 225 MTPD
STOCK# 461
Capacity 225 MTPD

Used 225 MTPD Air Separation Unit. The plant capacity and performance are based on the following design conditions of inlet air: Flow 22,800 SCFM, Pressure 97 PSIA, Temperature 105 °F Max. Air compressor: Centrifugal; Inlet Capacity 28 296 ICFM; Inlet Temperature 100 deg. F; Inlet pressure 13.28 psia; Rated Disch. Pressure 104 psia; Rated Power input 5919 HP; Rated Speed (100%) 6400 rpm; Max Disch. Pressure 130 psi; Max. Cont. Speed 6555 rpm; First Critical Speed 2030 rpm. Oxygen Compressor: Stages 3; Reciprocating; Pistons 4; RPM 315. Expander: Max speed 45000 RPM. Cold box: Air Flow 22800 SCFM; O2 gas 225 MTPD; 99.5% purity; N2 gas 4200 SCFM with 10 ppm max; Cold box comprises of: Low pressure column, High pressure column, 2 Rich Liquid filters, 2 subcoolers, 1 O2 preheater, 1 Auxiliary Vaporizer, 2 Reversing exchangers & DeZuric Valves, 2 Clapet boxes, Reactivation Heater Dump Vaporizer / Purge System Main air compressor gearbox: 1 Bull gear; 1 Pinion; Lube oil Skid - 2 motor driven pumps, oil sump, demister. Oxygen Motor: Syncro-Pac brushless synchronous motor, 1750 HP, 300 RPM.

Major Equipment
Main Air Compressor (Elliot)
Main Air Compressor Motor (Canadian GE)
Oxygen Compressor (Sulzer)
Oxygen Motor (Electric Machinery)
Expander (Rotoflow)
Main Air Compressor Gearbox (Lufkin)
Cold Box

Oxygen, Nitrogen

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