PET Plant - 450 TPD

PET Plant - 450 TPD
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PET Plant - 450 TPD PET Plant - 450 TPD PET Plant - 450 TPD

Used 450 TPD PET Plant. The PET reaction trains use the technology from DuPont for TPA based esterification process and the upgrades to enhance the polymerization capacity. This technology includes six (6) process sections: PTA & MEG slurry mixing, esterification, catalyst and additive injection, pre-polymerization, polymerization, and ship formation. The pre-polymerization uses glycol enhanced mass transfer without mechanical agitation. The polymerization occurs by a cage-type finisher agitator without central shaft. Continuous wiping of finisher vessel wall eliminates degradation. The product bottle resin has polymer IV 0.6 (+/- 0.01), catalyst concentration less than 250 PPM as Sb, DEG content 1.2% in polymer, IPA 2.15% weight, toner (Cobalt Acetate) 60 PPM, phosphoric acid 20 PPM, COOH 40, acetaldehyde 90 PPM, moisture content 0.2%, bottle chip weight 15 – 18 mg/chip, chip size 3.0 X 2.0 X 2.5 mm. The SSP (Solid State Polymerization) plant uses UOP technology further processes the PET resin of 0.60 dl/g IV into 0.84 dl/g IV, which is bottle grade quality resin. The SSP process includes 4 steps: (1) crystallization, (2) annealing, (3) SSP reaction, (4) cooling.

Major Equipment
- Esterification reactor
- Up-Flow Pre-polymerization reactor
- Oligomer system
- Polymerization reactor
- Finisher
- Chip extruder
- Pre-crystallizer
- Crystallizer
- Hot conveying system
- SSP reaction column
- Cooling fluidized bed
- NPU oxidation reactor
- Yokogawa DCS system

PET for food grade bottle and synthetic texitle

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