VSA Oxygen Plant - 112 TPD

VSA Oxygen Plant - 112 TPD

This oxygen plant uses VSA (vacuum swing adsorption) process to generate 125,000 SCFH (or 112 TPD) of oxygen at 93 +/- 2 percent purity. The process unit has 3 bed VSA; pressure off VSA is 5 - 7 PSI; Pressure off booster is 200 +/1 10 PSI. The plant has (2) compressors / blowers of 770.6 HP/880 RPM and 1133.4 HP/892 RPM, respectively; (2) ABB motors of 4000 V / 1250 HP; (1) Sulzer - Burckhardt booster of 594 RPM; (3) absorber vessels; (1) Basco air blower aftercooler; (1) HP GOX buffer vessle. The plant has GE Fanuc control system. The plant was started in 2000, and now is still in operation. All equipment is in excellent running condition.

Major Equipment
Absorber Vessel
Air blower aftercooler
HP GOX Buffer Vessel
GE Fanuc Series control system

Oxygen 93%

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