168 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant (FT4 A9 P&W Jet Engines)

168 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant (FT4 A9 P&W Jet Engines)
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168 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant (FT4 A9 P&W Jet Engines)
STOCK# 12109
Capacity 168 MW (4 x 42MW)

Simple-Cycle, Gas Turbine Power Generating Station, dual fuel (natural gas or kerosene), with a twin-pack configuration. (8) FT4 A9 Pratt & Whitney Gas Turbines, (4) 46,500 KVA Electric Machinery Generators, (1) Transformer Available. Each Twin-Pack consists of (1) Generator and (2) FT4 A9 gas turbine engines (A or Counter & B or Counter Clock side), which together produce 42 MW. It is possible to operate only 1 side or ½ of the Twin-Pack to produce only 21 MW. All (4) Twin-Packs are available and can produce 168 MW; individual Twin-Packs also available.

Major Equipment
The Pratt-Whitney jet engines (FT4-A9DFs) produce:
28,700 - Gas HP at 2.475 Pressure ratio
32,600 - Gas HP at 2.625 Pressure ratio
37,200 - Gas HP at 2.780 Pressure ratio

Synchronous condenser capable; Water Injected; Bailey Dual Fuel

(4) Electric Machinery Generators; Type Turbo; 46,500 KVA; 3,600 RPM; 60 Cycle; 3 Phase; PF 90; 13,800 Volts; 1945 Amps.

Westinghouse L-Spec Transformer; S/N 7001603; Windings 230260 Grd.Y x 137990 Grd.Y Volts; 13200 Volts; 48000/64000/80000KVA;179200KVA; 60Hz; Class QA,FOA, FCA; Weight 423800 LBS; Core & Coil 230000 LBS, Case 99000 LBS, Oil 94800 LBS (12630 gallons).


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