40 MW GE Frame 6B Gas Turbine Generator

40 MW GE Frame 6B Gas Turbine Generator
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40 MW GE Frame 6B Gas Turbine Generator
STOCK# 12106
Capacity 40 MW

This complete 50 Hz power plant is still in operation. The plant has GE Frame 6B (type PG6541B) gas turbine with 25,108 operating hours since its last overhaul in 2012. The heat rate of gas turbine is 11,460 KJ/kWh. The gear box has speed ratio of 5,100 : 3,000 rpm. The generator was manufactured by GEC Alsthom, with voltage 11 KV, rate output 52.975 MVA, power factor 0.8. This plant also includes critical spare parts, special tooling, and other equipment such as air intake / filtration system, inlet ducting, lateral exhaust ducting, stack, outdoor enclosures, natural gas skid, fire protection container (CO2), and electrical / electronic control cabinet with speedtronic turbine control system (Mark V), motor control center, generator breaker and protection and control System, operator control module.

Major Equipment
GE Frame 6B gas turbine
GEC Alsthom generator
Voight gear box
Air intake / Filtration system
Lateral exhaust ducting
Natural gas skid
Fire protection container (CO2)
Electrical / electronic control cabinet


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