Nitrogen Plant - 185,000 SCFH

Nitrogen Plant - 185,000 SCFH
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Nitrogen Plant - 185,000 SCFH

Used 185,000 SCFH Nitrogen Plant built in 1998. Generates 99.999% nitrogen. The plant consists of a compression package and a cooling package (cold box), the receiver tanks, and the components and systems to control and monitor the whole process. This plant is a hybrid system. It has two columns (N50 and N70) with a shared control system designed to run the two units independently. It is currently configured so that only one column can operate at a given time and the other column is used as a backup. The compression package consists of three air compressors that feed the cold box. This package also includes the coolers and motors. The cold box is arranged in a cylindrical steel case. The space between the components and the case is filled with an insulating material to prevent energy losses. The main components are Reversible Heat Exchanger, Cold Side Gel Trap, Liquefier, Distillation Column, Main Condenser, Expansion Turbine, Liquid Tank, Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank, Environmental Vaporizers.

Major Equipment
• Ingersall Rand Compressor
• Cameron Compressor
• Linde Cold Box
• Union Carbide Cold Box
• Reversible Heat Exchanger
• Cold Side Gel Trap
• Liquefier
• Distillation Column
• Main Condenser
• Expansion Turbine
• Liquid Tank
• Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank
• Environmental Vaporizers


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