Acid Gas Recovery Unit (AGR) - 195 MMSCFD

Acid Gas Recovery Unit (AGR) - 195 MMSCFD
STOCK# 383
Capacity 195 MMSCFD

Used 195 MMSCFD Acid Gas Recovery Unit (AGR) from a refinery complex, built in 2000. This AGR is originally designed to remove acid gases (hydrogen sulfide H2S and carbon dioxide CO2) from the raw syngas generated from a petroleum coke or coal gasification plant. This amine-process AGR can also be used to remove H2S and CO2 from the gases generated by oil refinery processing units and natural gas production plants. Feedstock syngas, containing carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and H2S, flows to the acid gas absorber to form the rich solvent. The purified syngas leaves from the absorber onto end uses such as a power plant gas turbine, boiler or furnace. The rich solvent flows to AGR splitter and other downstream equipment before the fluid of high concentration H2S goes to a Sulfur Recovery Unit, which finally produces element sulfur from the acid gas. This AGR uses MDEA (tertiary amines) wash for acid absorption and improves its performance by increasing the H2S-CO2 selectivity of the solvent in the absorber.

Major Equipment
The 195 MMSCFD Acid Gas Recovery Unit (AGRU) available by Phoenix Equipment Corporation comes complete with the following key equipment:

(3) 1-Stage Absorber Towers
(1) Top and Bottom Interstage Coolers
(1) Lean-Rich Heat Exchanger
(1) 12-Stage Stripper
(1) Condenser
(1) Reboiler

Synthetic Gas (Syngas), Tertiary Amines, Acid Gas, Sulfur

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