Aromatic Plant

Aromatic Plant
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Aromatic Plant Aromatic Plant
STOCK# 337
Capacity 650,000 TPY

Used 650,000 TPY Aromatic Plant. The Aromatic plant includes several process sections: (1) Hydrogenation. The feedstock is hydrogenated through major equipment such as furnace, hydrogenation reactor and fractionating columns. Total capacity of this section is 620,000 tons per year. (2) Aromatic extraction. Here aromatics rich stream is separated from the paraffins; subsequently the individual components of the benzene-toluene-xylene (BTX) fraction or BT are separated from each other. The capacity of this section is 500,000 tons per year. (3) Distillation. This section process detailed separation. Fractionation has capacity of 260,000 tons per year, T5 370,000 tons per year, dealkylation 70,000 tons per year, and cyclopentane 10,000 tons per year.

Major Equipment
Hydrogenation reactors
Fractionation column
Fractionation reactor
Extraction column
Stripping column
Distillation column
Dealkylation column

benzene toluene xylene (BTX)

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