Phosphoric Acid Plant - 40,000 TPY

Phosphoric Acid Plant - 40,000 TPY
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Phosphoric Acid Plant - 40,000 TPY

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used Phosphoric Acid plant immediately available. The solid yellow phosphorous arrives in rail tank cars or in metal drums, under water. The yellow phosphorous, which arrives in rail tank car, is melted by steam and unloaded into a store under the earth. The yellow phosphorous is stored in liquid form under water. It is forwarded from the store by pumps into the intermediary storage tanks. The phosphorous gets with the help of water pressure to the phosphorous burners laid on the top of the phosphorous burning and absorption tower. The phosphorous meets the atomizer air at the outlet of the burner, it flames up spontaneously, and it burns away while high temperature heat is generated. The phosphorous burning takes place while air surplus is assured. The air surplus is assured by the secondary air, which flows in through the small gaps around the burners. The air inflow is resulted by the suction effect of the waste gas ventilator. The arising phosphorous-pentoxide reacts with the water content of the phosphoric acid, which gets into the tower, and creates phosphoric acid. This is the final product, which contains 75% and 85% concentration of H3PO4. The concentrated phosphoric acid coming from the tower gets into a circulation tank, where it is diluted with water to the requested concentration. The phosphoric acid cools down on cooling equipment with pipes, and gets back to the acid atomiser and the acid film forming. The phosphoric acid product goes to the storage tank also from this part. The ventilator at the end of the production line results in depression in the absorption tower, assuring the necessary air surplus. The gas with acid drops outgoing from the tower gets into Venturi scrubbers. When the gas has lost the most of the acid drops, finally it is cleaned by an electrofilter. The cleaned gas is passed through the waste gas ventilator into the open air. In1981 a cleaning line was connected to the technology, where the arsenic content of the acid is removed in the form of arsenic-sulphide. The arsenic-sulphide is removed in a pressure-filter with the help of filtering subsidiary material. Thus the phosphoric acid is suitable for application in the food industry.

Major Equipment
Phosphorus store with pumps 2x 370 m3 Transmission Phosphorus tanks 3x10 m3 Hot water tanks with pumps Air compressor 2400 m3/h Phosphorus burners Combustion and hydration (absorption) tower Venturi scrubber Elektrostatic precipitator Waste gas ventilator Acid circulating/diluting tank with circulation acid pumps Acid coolers Phosphoric acid storage 40-100-500 m3 Cooling water circulation equipment with pumps Reactors Niagara pressure leaf filters Acid pumps

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