Phosphoric Acid Plant - 400,000 TPY

Phosphoric Acid Plant - 400,000 TPY

The four production lines of this phosphoric acid plant underwent major revamps during 1992 - 2004. For example, a new Swenson phosphoric acid concentration unit was installed in 2004. The dihydrate process offers several advantages: it can be used with all types of phosphates (sedimentary or igneous); phosphate can be supplied in slurry form (wet grinding); it is easy to control the water balance (recycle pond water, reduction/elimination of liquid effluents); it achieves good P2O5 yield.

Major Equipment
Phosphate Rock mills
Sulphuric Acid Diluter
Phosphoric Acid Concentrator
Slurry Filter
Bag Filters
Phosphate Rock Conveyor
Phosphoric Acid Heat Exchanger
Swenson Graphite Heat Exchanger
Recirculation Pump
Concentration Agitators

Phosphoric Acid

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