30 " Dia Niro Spray Dryer

30 " Dia Niro Spray Dryer
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30 " Dia Niro Spray Dryer 30 " Dia Niro Spray Dryer 30 " Dia Niro Spray Dryer 30 " Dia Niro Spray Dryer
STOCK# 14259
Capacity 30 " Dia

Used Niro Spray and Fluid Bed Drying System: Rated 24 MMBTU. Double effect evaporator, last used on animal blood, poultry hydrolysis, egg, liver products, pork plasma. Includes (2) towers with titanium tube sheets, titanium heads, stainless steel shell. Rated for approx. 50,000 lb/hr water, 30,000 lb/hr product. System includes horizontal condenser, shell & tube heat exchanger, stainless steel tubes, carbon steel shell. Circulation pumps are in storage, Goulds stainless steel with CD4 impellers. Missing control system. Arthur Zimmer Spray drying system, approx. 30' diameter, manufactured by Niro, stainless steel contacts, fed by Niro Savoi 125 HP high pressure feed pump, rated for 1800 - 2500 PSI feed. Top of dryer includes (8) feed nozzles (typically fed four nozzles at a time). Also includes Waukesha 130 stainless steel pump, Milpointe 50,000 CFM vertical scrubber, (4) stainless steel cyclones, etc. With Wiegand single effect evaporator, rated for approx. 45,000 - 50,000 lb/hr product, 35,000 lbs/hr water evaporation rate, 304 stainless steel construction, with dedicated boiler, Needs vacuum pump. Includes 400 HP DC drive, vari-speed, SIHI vacuum pumps, Goulds centrifugal pumps Last used on blood products, eggs, brewers yeast, liver products, poultry products, etc. With Rotary screen, 5' diameter X 12' long, manufacture by Baycore Fibre, type SDS 60120, serial# 99-0210. Current replacement cost is $200K. Includes approx. 6" diameter flange feed inlet, leading to internal distributor. Equipment has fine mesh internal screen. Spare screens. Last screening eggs. With AirChem scrubber, rated for approximately 50,000 CFM, single stage with packed bed, No controls, last used as scrubber for hydrolysis building. New in 1998, 840 GPM, 1.5" W.C., ambient. With G&H Products Tube-in-tube heat exchanger, stainless steel construction, approx. 3" diameter outer tube, 2" diameter inner tube, 25' long, (20) tubes in 2x10 sections, insulated. Brought product from 180º to 40º. Used on Dairy / Milk Products. Food Grade.

Manufacturer Niro
Model# not applicable
Material Unknown
Capacity 30 " Dia
Category Dryers
SubCategory Spray
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