Dryers for Sale

Phoenix Equipment offers an enormous inventory of new, used and reconditioned Industrial & Chemical Processing Dryers. Phoenix Equipment offers a broad range of dryers, including : Belt Dryers, Conical Vacuum Dryers, Double Cone Conoform Vacuum Dryers, Glass Lined Double Cone Conoform Vacuum Dryers, Double Drum Dryers, Drum Flakers, Fluid Bed Batch Dryers, Fluid Bed Continuous Dryers, Freeze Dryers, Holoflite Dryers, Oven Dryers, Paddle Type Dryers, Pan, Pellet Dryers, Rotary Steam Tube Dryers, Shelf Dryers, Spray Dryers, Tray Dryers, and Miscellaneous Dryers.

Buying and Selling New, Used and Reconditioned Dryers and Drying Equipment

Industrial and Chemical Processing Dryers are used in many different applications and for many different materials, including: granulates and agglomerates, crystals, powders, warming, heating or roasting, calcination, agglomeration, accretion granulation or de-agglomeration as well as moistening, expanding, chemical reformulation as well as drying of fluids such as suspensions or solutions and processing of sludges, pastes, crystal mush and filter cake, hydroxides, pigments, sodium sulphate, potato granulate, zeolites, gypsum, cellulose and other fibers, grass and turf, starch, flour, hydroxides, pigments (powders and slurries), fine catalyst materials, ceramic suspensions, starch suspensions, hydroxide suspensions, silicone oxide suspensions, salt solutions, sludges, inorganic sludges, Inorganic waste water, carbonate powder, titanium dioxide, magnesium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, catalyst materials, glazes, pastes.Phoenix Equipment offers a wide variety of Industrial & Chemical Processing Dryers from every manufacturer, including: Aeromatic – Aeromatic-Fielder – Allis Minerals – Alloy Fabricators – Anhydro, APV Anhydro – Bepex – Bethlehem Steel – Bolz – Bolz-Summix – Bowen – Bowen Lab – Bowen Laboratory – Buflovak – C.A. Litzler – Caisa – Calmic – Carman Industries Inc. – Carrier – Carrier Gruenberg – Chemtech – Cogeim – Damrow – Damrow Filtermat/Filterlab - Denver Equipment Co. – Devine – Dorst – Drytec – Fluid-Air – Gala- GEA Niro – Gemco – Glatt – Goslin – Goslin-Birmingham – Hardinge – Ingersoll-Rand – J.P. Devine – Jeffrey – Krauss – Krauss-Maffei – Niro – O’Hara – Patterson-Kelley – Paul O Abbe – Pavan – Penwalt-Stokes – Pfaudler – Pink GmbH – Proctor & Schwartz – Pro-C-epT – Sandvik Belt Flaker – Schwelm Eisenwerk – Standard Steel Corporation – Stokes – Strong Scott – Swenson – Therma Flite – United McGill – Vector – Watson Marlow – William Boulton – Witte – Wyssmont and Many Others.

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