Used Power Generation Equipment

As a leading worldwide dealer in used, unused, and refurbished industrial and chemical processing equipment, Phoenix Equipment understands your power generation needs. We know that maintaining a reliable, consistent source of power is crucial for your operations and productivity. That’s why we continuously scour the globe to acquire working, ready-to-install generators, engines, and turbines. Whether you need natural gas, steam, coal coal/biofuel, or diesel-fueled power, Phoenix Equipment is your go-to source. Whether you need back-up power in case of an outage or you’re looking for a way to recycle steam or biomass waste, the power generation equipment for sale on our site will reduce your upfront investment and help you become more profitable.

Featured Equipment for Sale

Power Generation Equipment in All Sizes

No matter how large or small your operation, Phoenix Equipment is sure to have the power generation equipment for sale you need. If we don’t have it in stock, send us your specs, and we will find it among our network of suppliers. We carry hundreds of generators in sizes from about 50,000 kilowatts to more than 300 megawatts so you can always be prepared and ready to deliver primary or standby, redundant power. Be sure to choose power generation equipment sufficient for your application. Installing adequate power not only ensures continuity and prevents overload shutdown but mitigates the risk of damage to attached equipment, extends the generator’s life, and makes maintenance easier. Phoenix Equipment’s technicians and sales associates can help you list the equipment you will need your generator to supply and the wattage required to start and operate them.

Variety of Fuel Types to Choose From

Your existing operations, feedstock availability, and your purpose in selecting a used power generation system will determine which fuel-burning equipment you should choose. Natural gas, steam, and diesel are the most common power drivers in industrial settings. Each has its advantages and drawbacks.

  • Diesel is often the choice for back-up power solutions. Used diesel generators usually are the least costly in terms of initial outlay. You will need to continually refill the tanks, possibly interrupting production, and diesel fuel costs can fluctuate wildly, making budgeting difficult. Diesel is less flammable than natural gas, oil, and gasoline, so generators that fire it can be safer in many settings. With models from Detroit Diesel, Kohler, Volvo, Cummins, and other respected manufacturers, Phoenix Equipment’s inventory includes diesel generators up to around 3,000 kW. Brushless, magnetic, and exciter rotor options, as well as available exhaust silencers, remote alarm controls, vibration isolators, skid and trailer mounting on some models we carry provide additional flexibility.

  • Natural gas offers an unlimited supply of clean-burning fuel connected directly to a pipeline. You will not have to worry about refueling the tank, but you will have to inspect and maintain natural-gas power generation equipment regularly to detect leaks. As gas is highly combustible, utilities may cut off the line in the event or threat of natural disasters that could trigger an explosion. Phoenix Equipment’s gas engines and turbine generators include models from Siemens, Allison, Rolls Royce, GE, Price Induction, and other leading manufacturers.

  • Steam, either specifically produced for generating power or captured from other industrial processes, is an environmentally friendly alternative. After it is used to spin the turbine’s rotor blades it can be released harmlessly into the atmosphere so it can cool and dissipate. The BBC, Imo DeLaval, Elliott, and other trusted multi-stage steam generators and turbines Phoenix carries, include condensing and non-condensing models in a variety of temperature, pressure, and flow ratings.

Phoenix Equipment’s Used Power Generation Equipment Inventory

Phoenix’s inventory includes a variety of biomass cogeneration power generation equipment and plants that can burn sawdust and animal waste as well as agricultural byproducts like peanut shells, rice hulls, and sugarcane. Other used power generation equipment for sale on our site burn heavy fuel oil, making them less costly to operate than diesel plants.

Buying used power generation equipment is an economical option for scaling industrial and chemical processing, upgrading efficiency, and creating redundant or mobile capabilities. If you are considering the purchase of a used power plant or generator, you should deal only with experienced, reputable dealers. Phoenix Equipment inspects every piece of unused, refurbished, and used power generation equipment we sell. Our vast inventory includes generators of every size and configuration and is in constant turnover. If we don’t have the exact piece you’re looking for, send us your specs, and we will find it in short order.