Roll Compactors & Dry Compacting Equipment for Sale

Phoenix Equipment has a large inventory of used, unused, and reconditioned Roll Compacting Machines for Dry Compacting such as Roller Compactors and Chilsonators. Also, have a look at our Briquetters.

Roll Compactors / Dry Compacting by Category

Buying & Selling Used Roll Compactors & Chilsonators

Phoenix Equipment buys and sells used, unused and reconditioned Roller Compactors and Chilsonators, manufactured by: Fitzpatrick (The Chilsonator), Alexanderwerk (Roller Compactor PP Model and WP Model), Hi Bar Systems and others. Roll Compaction or Dry Granulation machinery process fine powder into densified sheets by using mechanical pressure. The sheets are then granulated to a desired mesh size. We have the right roller compactors and chilsonators in production and pilot scale sizes for various applications. Typically, roll compacting is used in the preparation of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, and are administered in solid dose form. Often times, the powder mixtures have poor handling properties. Roller compactors or chilsonators allow the product to be dry granulated and provide an increased density and subsequently easier flowability. Examples of Roll Compaction equipment we buy and sell includes the following models made by Alexanderwerk: Roller Compactor BT 120 Pharma, Roller Compactor PP 150, Roller Compactor PP 175, Roller Compactor PP 250, Roller Compactor PP 350, Roller Compactor PP 500, Roller Compactor WP 120 Pharma, Roller Compactor WP 150 Pharma, Roller Compactor WP 200 Pharma, Roller Compactor WP 200 S. And the following models made by Fitzpatrick: IR220, IR 520, IR4LX10D, 4B4LX10D, 7LX10D, 12LX12D, 12LX16D, 12LX20D, 16LX20D, and the Contained Chilsonator System (CCS) Models CCS 220 and CCS1025.

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