Kilns & Calciners for Sale

Phoenix Equipment is a Global Buyer and Seller of New, Used and Reconditioned Kilns and Calciners and Ovens.

Kilns (Calciners and Ovens), also referred to as furnaces or reactors, are high temperature drum furnaces used for calcination – the process of causing thermal decomposition, phase transition, or the removal of a volatile fraction to a solid material. Examples of the calcination process include: decomposition of carbonate minerals, as in the calcination of limestone to drive off carbon dioxide; the decomposition of hydrated materials, as in the calcination of bauxite and gypsum, to remove crystalline water as water vapor; decomposition of volatile matter contained in raw petroleum coke; heat treatment to effect phase transformations, as in conversion of anatase to rutile or devitrification of glass materials. In some cases, the calcination of certain metals results in the oxidation of the metal.

Buying and Selling New, Used and Reconditioned Kilns and Calciners

Phoenix Equipment buys and sells Ovens & Calciner furnaces from manufacturers such as Allis Chalmers, Bartlett & Snow, Bickley, Blue M. Stabil, Gruenberg, Harper, Henry Balfour, Lindberg, Procedyne, Selas, Thermcraft, Thermolyne, Vulcan Iron Works, Whiting, plus many more!

The key features of kilns and calciners are: a cylindrical shell, tube or drum usually made of steel, nickel or high alloys; a lining made of refractory brick to prevent the shell from overheating; multiple heating zones; a heat source, either indirectly fired (external) or directly fired (internal); temperature ratings ranging from 700 F to 1400 F, much higher than industrial dryers; fuels such as electricity, gas and oil; some feature a waste heat recovery system (HRSG) that can be used to fire boilers or drive turbines for power generation; a variety of feed and discharge configurations.

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