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Phoenix Equipment has many used high shear granulators available for sale. Check out our inventory of used high shear granulators and other used process equipment. We are always looking to buy used, surplus high shear granulators and granulator mixers. Call today to receive a quote for one of our used high shear granulators from manufacturers including Niro, Baker Perkins, Collette, TK Fielder, Littleford, Zanchetta, Niro Fielder, Aeromatic Fielder, Fukae, GEA Collette, Bohle, Jaygo, Niro TK Fielder, Glatt, Powerex, Fuji Sanyo, Key, Fluid Air, Diosna, Vector, Pro C Ept and many others. 


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Buying and Selling New, Used and Reconditioned High Shear Granulators and Mixers

High-Shear Granulators use the difference in velocity between the outer edge of a spinning blade and the slower center area to combine poweders, solids and fluids. This action is ideal for preparations of suspensions and granular products, bleaching and preparation of paper pulp, emulsions for condiments, sauces and dressing. The most common industries that use High-Shear Granulators are Pharma, Nutraceutical, Chemical processing, plastic and paper manufacturing and food preparation.

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