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Phoenix Equipment offers an expansive variety of filters from manufacturers including 3V Cogeim, American Alloy, Ametek, Aurora, Baeuerle & Morris, Baker, Bird, Brink Systems, Carborundum, Cartridge Filter, Cogeim, De Dietrich, Diessel GmbH, Durion, Eimco, Ertel-Alsop, Estrella, Filterite, Hoesch, J Press, JWI, Komline-Sanderson, Lampart, Millipore, Monticello, Newell Dunford, Northland Stainless Inc., Pfaudler, Perrin, Powder Systems, Rosenmund, RRP Products, Schenk, Seitz Enzinger Noll, Shriver, Sparkler, Sperry, US Filter, Zwag plus many others.

Plate and Frame Filtersuse an assembly of plates covered with a filter cloth and frames designed to collect the cake, held together in a press containing a head and tail plate. The press is closed by a hydraulic pump or manually in small presses. Many times the press has “recessed plates” where two plates form a cavity for collecting cake eliminating the frame. Filter presses must be opened and the plates separated to remove the cake. In a Belt Press Filters the liquor is spread onto one end of a horizontal perforated belt covered with a filter cloth. A vacuum is pulled under the belt creating suction on top. As the product is conveyed along the moving belt the filtrate is pulled through the belt perforations, leaving the cake on top. When the cake reached the end of the belt it basically drop off or is scrapped off the filter cloth. Pressure Filters are batch filters that push the liquor through the filter under pressure. Once the cake capacity is reached the cake must be removed before you continue the process. In-line Basket & Cartridge Filters are a type of filter having a tank with an internal basket with a cloth bag, or filter cartridges, mounted inside the tank. Rotary Vacuum Filters have drums with perforated exteriors covered with a filter cloth and internal vacuum pipes that are designed to be partially submerged in a trough of liquor. The internal vacuum pipes create suction on the outside of the drum. As the drum rotates the liquor is pulled through the filtrate cloth and the cake is form on the outside of the drum. Before the cake dips back into the trough it is removed from the drum by a scraper or belt discharge.

Filtration is the technique used for separating solids from fluids by interposing a medium through which only the fluid can pass. The material that passes through the medium is called the filtrate. Oversize solids in the fluid are retained, but the separation is not complete; solids will be contaminated with some fluid and filtrate will contain fine particles (depending on the pore size and filter thickness). Filtration can be used to separate particles and fluid in a suspension, where the fluid can be a liquid or gas. In some cases, a solvent is used which dissolves one component, while not dissolving the other. By dissolving the mixture in the chosen solvent, one component will go into the solution and pass through the filter, while the other will be retained. In filtration, a multilayer lattice retains left over particles that are unable to follow the channels of the filter. Oversize particles may form a cake layer on top of the filter and may also block the filter lattice, preventing the fluid phase from crossing the filter.

Basic filtration terms are:

Media or medium – the filtration cloth or barrier which accumulates the solids;

Liquor – the solution containing the liquid and solids;

Filtrate – the liquid that has been filtered clear;

Cake – the solids filtered out of the liquid;

Polishing – the removal of the last bit of solids for a finished liquid product;

Washing – pumping water or a wash liquid over the cake;

Pre-coat – coating the filter cloth with a material like diatomaceous earth to aid in the filtering.

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