Fermenters & Bioreactors for Sale

Phoenix Equipment has a large inventory of used, unused, and reconditioned fermenters and bioreactors. Our fermentation and bioreactor equipment and machines typically are bought and sold from the pharmaceutical, biotech, animal health (veterinary), chemical and diagnostic industries.

Fermenters / Bioreactors by Category

Buying & Selling New, Used and Reconditioned Fermenters and Bioreactor Systems

Phoenix Equipment buys and sells used, unused and reconditioned fermenters and bioreactor systems, manufactured by: ABEC, New Brunswick Scientific, Precision Stainless, Parr, Bioflo, Lafitte, Eppendorf, Chemglass, Sartorius, WHE Biosystems, B Braun Biotech, BioEngineering, Applikon, Lee Industries, Xcellerex, and others. The types of fermenters and bioreactors we buy and sell include stainless steel in-situ sterilisable bioreactors for pilot and production scale, single use bioreactors, lab scale bio reactors, production scale fermenters, systems with culture vessels, stirred tank bio reactors, autoclavable bioreactors – volumes we offer range from 1 liter to 100,000 liter.

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