Vacuum Deaerators and Versators for Sale

Phoenix Equipment buys and sells used, unused, and reconditioned Vacuum Deaerators or Versators, including ones manufactured by Fryma, Cornell, Netzsch, Jaygo, Cherry Burrell, and Crepaco.

Deaerators by Category

A vacuum de-aerator or versator is a device that is widely used for the removal of oxygen and other dissolved gasses for chemical, food & pharmaceutical applications. Deaerated products have a consistent volume for filling; provide a longer shelf life for products; have a smooth, glossy, foam-free surface; and are chemically more stable. Deaerated products are also dense, making precision dosage that much easier and allowing pack volumes to be reduced.

There are many different horizontal and vertical deaerators available from a number of manufacturers, and the actual construction details will vary from one manufacturer to another. Vacuum is generated with a liquid ring pump and is controlled by using a pressure probe.

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