Planetary Mixers for Sale

Phoenix Equipment buys and sells only the highest quality new, used and reconditioned planetary mixers.

These types of industrial mixers are used to efficiently blend a wide array of materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Buying and Selling Unused, Used and Reconditioned Planetary Mixers

Phoenix Equipment is a global buyer and seller of new and used planetary mixers from industry leaders including:

  • AMF Glen
  • Jaygo
  • Dito Dean
  • Hobart
  • Asada Iron Works
  • Littleford Day
  • Readco
  • Premier Mixers
  • Inoue
  • Ross
  • IKA Mixers
  • ...and many more. 

Uses of Planetary Mixers

Planetary mixers are used in a variety of industries and applications such as adhesive and sealants, chemicals, ceramics, glass, metal powders, food products, household and industrial cleaners, inks/paints/coatings, electronics, pharmaceuticals and plastics/composites.

This type of mixer is also ideal for mixing and kneading viscous pastes under atmospheric or vacuum conditions.


How Does a Planetary Mixer Work?

Known as a change can mixer or vertical blender, planetary mixers are a mixing assembly where the agitation pattern is orbital.

The mixing paddle (or beater or hook) rotates around its own axis while it makes complete revolutions around a center point in the stationary bowl, similar to how our planet rotates on its axis while revolving around the sun. This unique design allows the ingredients to be combined in a uniform manner.

The planetary mixer unit normally consists of a cylindrical bowl with a dished bottom and an inside surface polished to a smooth finish. (The bowl or tank can be outfitted to be vacuum rated.)

The motor and drives sit in a stand that, in most units, can elevate up and down, for ease of access. Capacities of the bowls can range from .5 pint to over 750 gallons.


Options for your Planetary Mixer Includes:

  • Double or triple shaft combinations
  • Jacketing (hot/cold, vacuum/pressure)
  • Variable speed drives
  • Multiple size hooks, whisks and/or beater blades


The Benefits of a Planetary Mixer

  • Planetary mixers are highly dependable mixers used in the compounding of extremely viscous mixtures that simply cannot be blended efficiently in a vertical type agitator.
  • Some types of mixers allow manufacturers to make viscous mixtures directly in the shipping container. This means less clean-up, storage and handling and waste generation.
  • Planetary mixers possess a number of design features designed to promote easy cleaning and reduce contamination issues.
  • Used or secondhand planetary mixers are a smart option for budget conscious business, since they are built and designed for long-lasting and hard industrial use.

Whether you are in the market for a new or used planetary mixer or you have a used planetary mixer you want to sell, Phoenix Equipment is the company for you. Contact us today so we can find the right mixer for you.

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