Sell Chemical / Petrochemical Process Plant & Equipment

Do you want to sell a chemical or petrochemical plant? Do you want to remove a plant or process from your site?

Plant Relocation Sales

With a customer base throughout the world, we work with companies interested in relocating complete chemical and petro-chemical plants. We have the in-house knowledge and experience to find a buyer for your redundant plant, as well as manage the match-marking, dismantlement, crating, export and shipping process. Phoenix can purchase your plant or market it on your behalf for a success-fee.

Plant Dismantlement and Removal

Phoenix Equipment is different than other solutions because we not only can pay your plant/process but also safely perform the turn-key dismantlement. By performing the function of equipment recovery/sales and dismantlement under one umbrella, we are able to realize certain synergies that result in a net savings (or revenue generation) to our clients for plant removal projects.

Let us pay you top dollar for equipment you no longer use

Our process is easy, so contact us today to turn your idle equipment into cash!

Other types of equipment we buy

Chemical Process Equipment

We buy and sell over 40 categories of chemical process machinery such as centrifuges, dryers, evaporators, fermenters, filters, heat exchangers, homogenizers, mills, mixers, pressure vessels, reactors, and tanks.

Chemical and Petrochemical Plants

We buy and sell complete plants and process units to produce various chemicals, including fertilizers, syngas, petro-chemicals, plastics and resins, cryogenic/industrial gases, fibers, pigments, chlor-alkali and derivatives, surfactants, specialty chemicals, and more.

Pharmaceutical Process Equipment

We buy and sell machinery and equipment from the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and beverage processing industries such as bio-reactors, chilsonators, fitzmills, lyophilizers, tablet presses and more.

Refinery Units

We buy and sell complete refinery processing units, including alkylation, amine gas treating, catalytic cracking, desulfurization, hdydrocracking, isomerization, sulfur recovery, tail gas treating, and vacuum distillation units.

Gas Processing Equipment

We buy and sell complete gas processing plants designed for amine treatment, co2 removal, cryogenic, fractionation, gas conditioning, glycol dehydration, h2s removal, natural gas liquids (ngl) recovery, natural gas sweetening, and refrigeration.

Power Plants & Equipment

We buy and sell power generation plants and equipment including gas turbine generators, steam turbine generators (condensing and non-condensing), cogeneration power plants, heavy fuel oil fired power plants, and waste and biomass fired power plants.