Brokerage Services for Process Plants

We offer two brokerage scenarios: Act as an Exclusive Marketing Agent. Phoenix obtains for a specified period the exclusive right to sell the plant. Act as a Non-Exclusive Marketing Agent. Under this scenario, we’ll simply list your process plant within our inventory. You are free to sell the plant through other channels. A profitable and hassle-free option, engaging Phoenix Equipment as your industrial equipment broker allows you to list your plant for free to a large network of potential buyers. You only pay a commission once the plant sells.

Whether you’re ceasing operations, seeking capital for another investment, or have another reason for selling off your plant, Phoenix Equipment can make the sale run smoothly and ensure you obtain the maximum return on your plant sale. As the country’s leading industrial equipment broker, our experts analyze not only your machinery and configuration, but also market trends, potential buyer profiles, and other variables to assess your plant’s value.

Phoenix’s chemical and industrial equipment brokerage services guide and advise you through the entire process; handling marketing, negotiation, closing, and even transport if you or the buyer want to relocate the plant. As a full-service chemical process plant and equipment broker, Phoenix Equipment works to match you with serious buyers quickly to expedite the sale and generate the highest price for your operation. Our market insights and contacts with expansion-minded companies, entrepreneurs, private equity firms, and other interested buyers drives sales faster than you could manage on your own.

Phoenix’s outright plant purchase process


An initial consultation to help us understand your sales goal which allows us to create an estimated value for your assets.


We build a listing for your plant, including equipment manufacturer, age, condition, maintenance records, photos and videos, and other things buyers typically look for.


Phoenix actively markets your plant throughout our vast network of investors, established firms, and other likely buyers.


We qualify interested buyers by screening to ensure they possess sufficient resources and serious intent to make a purchase.


Qualified buyers are given access to visit your operations and view your plant’s technical documents.


Upon receipt of an offer, our business experts will explain the proposed terms to you, offer advice on whether to accept, and help you finalize the transaction.


At closing, when you have been paid, we receive our fee.


If the plant is to be relocated, Phoenix can also assist with the decommissioning, shipping, and setup at the new location.

Selling a complete plant made easy

Need cash immediately or need to vacate a site? Sell your chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, refining, gas processing, power generation, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing or other production facility to us outright. Fill out this form to tell us what you have to offer. One of our plant-appraisal experts will be in touch. We look forward to assisting you!