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Phoenix Equipment Announces: Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control Plant - Available for Purchase


Now available for immediate purchase: the Refrigeration Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control Plant (Stock #539).  This Toromont-designed unit was built in 2007 and has been used but extremely well maintained. It is composed of 2 identical trains, each with the capacity to treat 414 MMSCFD of natural gas feedstock. Original design data and documentation is available upon request. The plants are immediately available for relocation.

Check out our website listing for more details and contact us via our webforms to obtain more information or to discuss this plant in more detail.


Process Summary

This plant treats natural gas to meet pipeline gas specification or any specific requirement for downstream utilization of the gas using LTS technology (not the JT process).

Low temperature separation (LTS), also known as the mechanical refrigeration process, provides an effective way to treat natural gas for condensate recovery and moisture removal while avoiding hydrate formation.

Mechanical (propane) refrigeration chills and partially condenses raw natural gas to separate out the heavier hydrocarbon components. The condensed hydrocarbon liquids are then distilled in a stabilizer distillation column to produce a pentane plus (C5+) natural gasoline condensate. Glycol is injected to avoid hydrate formation. This accomplishes dew point control of both water and hydrocarbon in a single unit.


Major Equipment

The plant is is comprised of the following major equipment pieces:

  1. Gas-Gas Cooler, 3 pcs, plant E-100
  2. Low Temperature Separator (LTS), 1 pc, plant V-101
  3. Gas Chiller, 1 pc, plant E-101.
  4. Propane Refrigeration Screw Compressor Packages, Engine driven, C-100
  5. Propane Receiver, 1 pc, plant V-102
  6. Propane Condenser, 1 pc, plant AC100 A
  7. Condensate Cooler, 1 pc, plant AC101
  8. Stabilizer System, plant E-102, E-103, T-101
  9. Stabilizer Tower, 1 pc, plant T-100
  10. Glycol Regeneration Skid , 1 pc
  11. HMO System, 1 pc, plant H-700
  12. Thermal Oxidizer, 1 pc, plant TO 100
  13. Flare, 1 pc


Each train shares a propane receiver, propane condensers, stabilizer skid, glycol regeneration skid, storage tanks, hot oil system, thermal oxidizer and flare.


For More Information

Visit the Phoenix Equipment gas process plant listing for more information on the Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control Plant and the specific equipment being offered.

Our inventory includes a wide range of industrial processing components and turnkey plants for a variety of industries in gas processing, chemical processing, refining and power generation. Phoenix Equipment representatives have extensive experience in acquiring processing plants, including plants with complex relocation steps. Contact our experts today for assistance selecting the equipment or entire manufacturing facility that you need.


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