Why Use Phoenix for Your Plant Dismantling & Plant Relocation Needs

Date Published:   11/12/2020

A Common Plant Liquidation Scenario

Your company has made the tough decision to close a plant. This plant was running for years, and the company paid a lot to have it built, paid everyone’s salaries, and maintained or even modernized all of the production assets over the plant’s life but the plant needs to be sold off for one reason or another.

Your company has called upon you to recover as much dollar as you can to help keep the organization alive, and better yet, healthy, in what is a constant battle in the marketplace. You’ve either:

  • Have spent months, maybe even years trying to find a buyer that would operate the plant in place, without any success, while the plant’s assets lose value every passing day.
  • Or, you can’t sell it to another company, as you are one of the few suppliers of the product the plant makes, and you don’t want to create a competitor, or improve a competitor’s position.
  • Or, the plant is on leased property that is costing the organization a lot of money without getting any of it back from produce from the plant, like being a lessee of a field where all the fruit trees are dead.

You are in a situation where you can’t sell the plant for operation in place to another company, so you have to find another way to recover as much money as you can. Conventional wisdom says to just have the plant demolished, and hope the scrap value of the assets cover the work, and if you’re lucky, put some cash in the organization’s pocket. It doesn’t feel good, but what else can you do?

Welcome Phoenix Equipment: Your Plant Dismantlement & Relocation Services Partner

Phoenix Equipment’s plant dismantlement and plant relocation services give you the options you need. You are not fenced in to a one-size fits solution. We start with a transparent discussion, outlining our services, and then letting you decide if our services are the right fit for you. From the very first conversation onward, Phoenix works with you as a partner, and gives you a hand up on maximizing value recovery.

Phoenix Equipment is in the unique position of buying and selling entire chemical plants for relocation, while also having a strong position in selling chemical process equipment a la carte. This gives you access to a worldwide marketplace of chemical plant and equipment buyers, and Phoenix either sells the assets on an agreed upon commission, giving you access to Phoenix’s powerful marketing abilities and superior exposure due to our high ranking capabilities on Google and other major search engines. Phoenix also does direct active marketing campaigns, and has an extensive book of business; instantly giving you access to thousands of buyers.

If you have a tight timeframe for recovery, Phoenix can prepare a proposal to either:

  • Buy the plant outright.
  • Or, liquidate the plant, and give you a turnkey package where Phoenix dismantles the site and gives you cash in great excess over the scrap value.

Learn more about the number of plant selling options Phoenix offers to see which solution is the best for your business.

The Plant Dismantling and Relocation Team that Will Earn You Top Dollar

Phoenix has 30+ full-time employees dedicated to plant demolition and plant dismantlement, and a full-time sales and marketing team. Phoenix’s management and project managers all have more than 10 years of experience with the company, and in most cases over 20 years of industry experience. Phoenix has performed turn-key asset recoveries for over 100 companies, with a EMR rating of under one (-1) for over fifteen years.

A Trusted Partner for Over 40 Years

Limit the time and resources you spend decommissioning the plant and trying to recover value, Phoenix’s safe and proven approach to plant dismantling, relocation, and asset recovery requires minimal involvement from you after we have agreed on an approach. You are freed up to focus on your other business objectives, while Phoenix turns your old plant into working capital.

Phoenix can safely dismantle the plant and get you maximum value for the assets (process technology, process plant, process equipment and scrap materials), and can provide you a no obligation evaluation that will include proposed scope of work and deal terms. Contact Phoenix today to stay above the curve in both cash recovered and project deadlines.

The Phoenix Difference

Phoenix Equipment has been the trusted experts for used process equipment and complete chemical plants for over 60 years. We combine an expansive equipment inventory with industry leading knowledge to help you find what you need.

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