Chemical Plant - Plant Sold for Relocation - ADM

Date Published:   12/03/2017

Plant Type: 1,500 Nm3/Hr Hydrogen (Syngas) Plant

Original Location: Ontario, Canada                                 Destination: Asia


Artificial trans fats have become considered harmful for your health. Many European countries have banned artificial trans fats in food manufacturing. America and Canada will phase out the production of artificial trans fats in 2018. Foods containing artificial trans fats, such as cooking oils; are fully or partially hydrogenated. Facing the phase-out, many food/oil manufacturers will have to stop their hydrogen production plants. ADM operates an oilseeds processing facility in Canada where its 55,000 SCFH hydrogen plant has been shut down and will not be re-started. 

The plant has a Glitsch designed steam-methane-reforming (SMR) process and includes a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) purification system. Hydrogen product reaches 99.99% purity. Most equipment is skid-mounted for easy dismantlement and shipment and has been kept inside of the process building. After shutdown, the plant was properly mothballed and kept under a nitrogen blanket to prevent corrosion. 

Phoenix purchased this hydrogen plant and re-sold it to a customer from Asia. The customer will use the plant to produce additional hydrogen for its hydrogen peroxide production. As part of the sale, Phoenix was responsible to manage the dismantlement, match-marking, crating, packing and shipment of the plant to Asia.  Work was completed in approximately 2 months.

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